Sunday, 19 July 2015

Free Information Sure ! but No place for free advice or guidance

Dear fellow Doctors,

After writing few posts on this blog and on RxPG , I am overwhelmed with the number of emails and FB messages regarding the system and path towards PG in Germany. What saddens me was most of the people want to ask me the same questions, answers to which I have already mentioned in my previous posts, some of the questions were even hypothetical. I can only imagine that there are some people who are seriously working towards Germany and most are just collecting info, which i have been giving for free so far , because I hate the system of making business out of the information i have got during my long struggle for PG in Germany, but at the same time i have also realized that free information or guidance falls on deaf ears. So I have decided to charge a nominal fee or Rs.500/- to Rs.1000/- per Hour ( depending on previous info status of the person) from the doctors who wish to personally discuss about these things through Phone or Skype .

I will continue to write more posts and share new information whenever I get new info.
I was against Agents and I am against Agents. This charge is just to filter out serious people from time-passers, so that i donot end up wasting too much of my free time.


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  2. Helo, This is Dr.Mintu Dhibar from durgapur, INDIA is at present in Radolfzell, Germany learning A2. Could u suggest where to learn B1, B2 and which state better for approbation. Thanking you!

  3. Hallo Dr. Mintu, wie geht es Ihnen ?
    Tut mir leid ,dass ich frueher nicht antworten konnte.
    Done with A2 already ?? I was busy with my Approbation Exam till now,, shall be sharing the procedere through a video on my Youtube soon and also on this Blog... hope that will help

  4. Hello...myself Dr.raghuram i did my mbbs from china and but still i did not qualify fmge and i did not have mci registration number but i have my degree and all documents from china.... I want your advice should i persue to do pg in Germany... I going to start German language... But i want mak sure before i start this journey... Can u please help me in this....