Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Beware of Agents and/or Consultants !!!

It is such a buring topic Agent or No agent....I went through the dilemma myself,, chose the less travelled path..and thats all made the difference.

I guess, everyone will agree that we Indians love the system of Agents and Agencies. We have Property agents ,Railway Agents, Passport Agents, Visa Agents, Agents for Admission in primary school, dont even have to mention about agents for admission in Colleges. And about agents for admission in Medical, Engnng, MBA they are a whole different breed. Now there are new type of agents who promise Specialist Training in Germany. 
BTW system of agents is not limited to India alone,, but in most other countries these agencies are legal companies, who pay taxes and cannot just run away. But in India..every single person who gets some new info ...starts to think of a business plan to sell this info. Worst part is many innocent ( read Stupid) people get involved in this plan and end realising that they have been royally cheated by sweet and nice promises.

 20 years back,, if someone convinced you to pay money in exchange of Information and councelling,, it would be a good deal..after all Information and Knowledge is Power. But in todays world if people do the same..I am really sympathetic that ...Knowledge and Information of Google Guru still eludes you .

As Doctors we consider ourselves smart and intelligent ( at least we enjoy thinking like that) but we get so easily convinced by someone who uses some borrowed words of a foreign language to scare us and some selling strategies..and we are all Game. This surprizes me till date.

One doctor whom i talked to was cheated 7 lakhs rs, told me that guy ( the agent) was a very nice person, i never imagined this could happen. i could only infer that it means,, It may not be the intention of someone to fool you,, for that agent it may be a very promising and sucessful bussiness plan,, but when the day comes to actually get you a job contract or an interview...he may be not be able to do so.. He may realize its not so easy as he thought it to be ..and also promised his candidates to be.

More on this topic later... 


  1. Hello, sir your blog has been very helpful to me, i have been researching on this topic since my final year, presently i'm in internship which will end in march 2016, still if please you could spare some time to guide me through some doubts it 'll be very helpful;
    A) i have contacted many universities and they all have told me what i am applying for is for higher semesters (5th) for specialization according to them, as i have done basic medical training in india

    2) Recognization of documents is either done by government office of state Landespr├╝fungsamt (LPA) or by universities itself as some of them are autonomous as said to me by anabin database officials

    3) as you said i have to apply for a job post there after learning my german how can i find if there are vacancies available and all the universities are giving me different answers regarding applying there, please if you could clear the concept for me i would really appreciate it.

    I'm also thinking of doing my german language course in germany for 2 month so i could also clear the concept in person but if you could guide me before hand it would be more helpful.

    I still have some doubts but comments and e-mails have their limits, if you could give me a way to contact you skype or whatsapp or a phone call would be best please sir , i have followed you on google+ and RxPg, as for now my facebook is,please sir if i could contact you personally I would be very grateful. Hoping for a reply soon, Thank you

  2. hii Kanishk ,
    i have contacted many universities and they all have told me what i am applying for is for higher semesters (5th) for specialization according to them, as i have done basic medical training in india;
    A : i couldnot understand,, what were you applying for? please clarify

    2. totally true . some state take months--some weeks. its absurd system

    3. after your Minimum B2 level German, you have to apply for Hospitations ( observership) , come to Germany.. then google for vacancies.. like we do in quikr and in india.. Apply for the jobs,, if they like ur CV, they may invite you for Interview.

    4. no point in coming to Germany before you atleast done your B2 language, you will only waste lots of money, unless ofcourse you wish to be a tour and see how it is here.

    You have to understand, I cannot be the person to help you decide, that you have to do on your own , do your own research ,gauge your own risks and benefits in choosing this path. and Once you are on this path ,,and have done till B1- B2,, you will find many people to guide you and show you the way ahead.. and i might aswell be one of them. you are welcome to ask questions here,,as it might help other candidates also.
    Good Luck !

    1. Thank You sir for our answer;

      I'm particularly interested in Dermat,Optho,Ent,Psychi, Neuro Branches,
      And yes sir you are very much right about choosing my own path just wanted to clarify some procedure related doubts that's all,Because i'm not from big city nor honestly have the money for agents and the scope of information through people is almost zero here so if you could please some more time i would be very grateful to you.

      1) Do i have to apply for observer ship or Assistenzarzt and are these both the same thing ?

      2) I surfed several German recruiting websites and they have jobs for medical Assistenzarzt,do i have to apply for that after my B2 level German ?

      3) And i should do my B2 level German from India then apply for Job or as per me i think that i should do German language in Germany because that will also help me to take a tour there beforehand plus help me more in learning the language fast due to the same language atmosphere and i can gather more info being on ground zero, what do you suggest ?

      4) When is the appropriate time to apply for document recognition after the Call for interview or before ? and how to process the procedure of recognition ? do i have to Post them my qualifications (Hard copy) or Through e-mail (Scanned copies) because on the website of state authorities they have not specified anything about recognition through email ?

      Please help. Thank you.

  3. hi,
    1) first u have to apply for observership (Hospitation), then come to germany and apply for Assistenzarzt position( Residency).
    2) There are many websites and many job vacancies,, but when u apply there u will get a reply that,, most are looking for European citizens or doctors with German approbation.
    3)inspite of your thinking, i would recommend to do Language in India as fast as you can, u will learn nothing more here,,,just spend too much money, plus getting visa is also a risk.
    4)you dont have to apply for document recognition, once u have a Job the medical council will do that for you, obviously they will charge u for that,,around 300-600 euros.
    I have tried to explain things in as much detail as possible, if u still need more info and counselling its only reasonable you pay nominal fee of Rs.1000 for one hour skype chat.

    1. Hello sir,am from mauritius and doing b2.1 from mmb pune at the moment. As far as ive understood after b2 i should look for hospitation. But how n where do i look for it? Id be very grateful if you could help me with it. And for how long do we need to do the hospitation and which visa does it require? Thank you.

    2. Hello Dear Doctor, For hospitation, you have to keep applying by email to as many hospitals and as many departments possible. Hospitation is not a requirement to get a job so duration doesnot matter, but if u get say 2-3 months of hospitation, you can apply for Schengen Visa its valid for 90 days. Purpose of hospitation is only to get a Visa, if you can get a Visa through other means you dont even need Hospitation. Once you come here,,you can start applying to Hospitals for Jobs.. and requesting for Interviews.

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