Sunday, 7 June 2015


Residencies in Germany are like jobs. Once you have your certificates. You can apply through email or send application by post to HR department (Personal Abteilung) of Hospitals which have vacancies. If they like your CV and experience they will call you for Interview which is obviously conducted in German language. Once you are selected by the Hospital, you will receive an appoinment letter , with that you can apply for Berufserlaubnis ( Temporary German Medical License which is valid only to the particular State). This can take anywhere between 2 weeks to 5 months depending upon the state in which you apply. After receiving the license one can officially start working as a PG trainee and start receiving monthly salary of around 4000 Euros gross, which after taxes shrink to around 2300-2400 Euros /Month. 
Berufserlaubnis gives you the time (6 months to 2 years depending upon State) to start working for the time being and  get a Approbation (Permanent License) in the stipulated time.

Primary Medical training in  Russia and Eastern Europe is sometimes considered equivalent to that in Germany when compared number of hours of teaching in each subject and duration of the course therefore these doctors many times donot need to apply for Berufserlaubnis, they can directly get a Permanent license ( Approbation -valid all over Germany) without any exam.

For countries from Indian subcontinent ,Africa and Gulf, Doctors need to take a exam (Knowledge Test/ Gleichfertigkeit Prufung) inorder to get a Permanent Medical License in Germany.


The most important requirement : German Language Certificate B2 level , Nowadays C1 is preffered by many states.
In last few months most states require Medical German Language Certificate aswell. Some states accept Certificates like Telc Medizin B2-C1 Certificate, other states want to take their own medical german exam (Fachsprachprufung).

Other Requirements :
Medical Degree Certificate.
Medical License/ Registration in the country of Origin.
Good Standing Certificate from the Medical Council of the country.
Transcript of medical studies ( including the numbers of hours of study of each subject during medical course)
Police Clearance Certificate.
Some other documents like Birth Certificate and Marriage Certificate


Hello Dear Doctors,
After receiving hundreds of queries regarding post graduation for medical doctors in Germany and explaining and guiding them individually.I have decided to write this blog for the benefit of fellow doctors planning or working towards their goal of doing their specialist training in Germany.

Background :

In the past few years Germany faced an acute shortage of doctors because of the aging population here and many German doctors moving out to other countries for better financial prospects. To combat this shortage, in April 2012 German government made a law which allowed foreign doctors (from outside European Union) to live and work in Germany. After this law was passed huge number of doctors from eastern Europe, Russia and Arab countries migrated to Germany. Now this trend is catching up in India and Pakistan aswell.